Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sad and Lonely

Warning, I am about to whine! I realized this weekend that I am 34 years old and really have no friends. I hosted a Tupperware party, at my mom's request since she had one and needed the bookings. I invited 24 people, mostly ladies from school who I thought I was friendly with, and only my mom, MIL and neighbor showed up. The real insult was that only 4 other people even bothered to call and tell me they weren't coming, the rest just didn't show. The Tupperware lady said to try and get "outside" sales, but I have no one to ask. Now, I could give a flying poop about the Tupperware, but how sad that I have no one to play with. I didn't even rate any RSVPs. Add this episode to the fact that my close friend of over 12 years just stopped talking to me a year ago with no explanation and you can see why I feel like crap. I have one set of really good friends who live hours away and I never see. Then I have a friend who lives near by and although she is really sweet, we have little in common and I often feel "distant" from her. Why is it so hard for adults to make friends? I don't work outside the home so I have very little contact with the outside world making it even harder to meet people. Plus, I will admit I am not very tolerant and very picky about who I hang with.
As for the rude ladies at school, they can suck it. I am done pretending to like them in the vain hope of making some sort of connection. Overall, I am just feeling bad for myself today.


Serafina said...

I'm sorry you are so far away! I would come over and make grilled cheese and tomato soup for you. Don't despair, lots of SAHMs go through this, once the girls are in school you will be able to get out and meet more cool people. Till then, try to think happy thoughts! It's not our fault that most of the population is boring and snotty and have no sense of humor. And remember what my Mom says, "You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends' noses." I love you!

LadyElmo said...

Hey there... I stumbled upon your bloggyness through you know who... I feel your pain!! Now that I'm at home with a bebe, my only contact with people is via the internet. I think I have friends out there. I never get to see them. And even those with kids have older kids and tend to be able to do 'different' types of things.

I would have tried to come to your Tupperware party, but the way things look from inside these Ohio walls, I would have been stuck sitting in the dark, trying to nurse my kid to sleep...

And men wonder why SAHMs usually "let themselves go!" For crikey's sake, it seems no one out there even gives a damn. Your kids don't care if you shave your legs. They'd prefer you didn't if it meant you got out of the shower faster.

Just know there are others out in the world who sympathize.

And yes, tell those school moms to suck it. And have your mom over for cocktails and a movie. I sure wish my mom lived close enough to do that.

Trisha :)

annihilator! said...

Dude. I am bummed you guys can't make it this weekend. If I lived closer I'd show up Friday nights with a case of beer and we could mock people happily until the wee hours. As I don't live closer, here's some advice. Stay up late all by yourself, have a beer (even though they say only alcoholics drink alone), and....well, that's pretty much it. That's what I do!