Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hannah's Birthday

Hannah had her third birthday party on Sat, Oct 12th. She wanted a princess theme. My mother in law went all out and even bought her a pinata. I baked her cake myself and was very proud of it. She had two little friends there plus the grandparents and a couple of close family friends. Tristan video taped it and was proud of his work. She had a great time and loved all her presents. Mostly dress up clothes and Dora dolls. It was a nice time for all who attended. I just can't believe she is three already. My little girls are growing up so fast. Soon she will be off to school and our days together will grow shorter. This is such a precious time I am so thankful that I get to stay home with her. I just hope Madeline and I can handle the quiet, calm days that will be on us sooner than we would like.

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Serafina said...

She's a beautiful little girl (with a beautiful Mom!). Think of these moments when you are frazzled and staring at the inevitable chaos of life with little ones!